How to Choose a Good Breakdown Plan for Your Needs

A breakdown cover policy is always a good thing to have. You don’t have to worry about breaking down and dealing with the aftermath. The coverage included in the breakdown cover policy will take care of fixing the car or getting it to the nearest garage. Some policies will even provide additional services, including covering your onward travel.

Before you can enjoy these coverage and services, however, you need to first pick up a good breakdown cover policy. Not all policies are created equal and the secret to getting the best breakdown cover is going for the policy that suits you best.

Personal vs. Car

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a breakdown cover policy is the subject you want to cover. You basically have two choices: covering your car or yourself as the driver. With car coverage, the breakdown cover is in force for the car. This type of policy also allows the coverage to remain in force regardless of the driver in some cases.

The personal coverage is the exact opposite. Rather than covering a specific car, the breakdown cover policy is in force whenever you are driving, regardless of the car you drive. You can be driving a company car or a friend’s, and still have the protection of a good breakdown cover policy in force the whole time.

The Coverage Types

After choosing between covering the person or the vehicle, the next thing to consider is the kind of breakdown coverage you want to get. This means choosing between a basic breakdown cover policy and the more comprehensive options.

The basic coverage, as the name suggests, covers basic costs of repairing the car at the roadside or taking it to the nearest garage. Additional repairs beyond that point will have to be paid yourself. You also don’t get the extra services that come with more premium policies, including the onward travel coverage.

A premium coverage adds additional services and coverage types of the policy. For example, you can get a breakdown cover policy that takes care of onward travel expenses – such as the cost of renting a car to continue your journey – and accommodations. You remain completely protected while the car is being repaired.

There is a limit to how far your breakdown cover policy will remain in force. A nationwide policy extends that limit to the entire UK while keeping the minimum limit to a quarter mile or more. As long as you are more than a quarter mile away from your house and within the UK, you can use the breakdown cover.

A European policy extends the coverage area even further to the EU, allowing you to remain protected as long as you are driving in Europe. This type of coverage is also available as an add-on to a standard or nationwide policy, giving you the option to add EU coverage for up to 90 days whenever you need to. There is also a single-trip option for European coverage; you can pick up the single-trip policy prior to driving in Europe without actually owning a breakdown cover policy in advance.

How the Coverage Is Delivered

As for the way the cover is provided, there are two main methods: pay-and-claim and cashless. The former means you have to pay for the roadside assistance and related services first, and then claim the expenses using the receipts as proof of service. It is a more complicated process, but breakdown insurance plans that use this approach tend to be more affordable.

On the other hand, you can go with a breakdown cover policy that handles everything for you. The service providers usually have their own patrol services ready to help you whenever you run into problems on the road. You don’t have to pay for the repair and service expenses first, but you may have to wait longer for the dedicated service provider to reach you in certain areas.

Both options have their advantages, so pick one that suits you best. Remember that choosing a good breakdown cover is a matter of finding a policy that meets your requirements best.

Added Services

Lastly, take the added services into account before finalizing your purchase decision. For example, you can get a breakdown cover policy with home assistance, which will also help you whenever you run into issues with starting your car. The coverage is perfect for cars that are unreliable in colder weather too.

Onward travel coverage is also available as an added service. As explained before, the coverage will take care of getting you to your destination or home safely in the event of a breakdown. It may seem like a small service, but it is a service that can be incredibly useful in some situations.

After reviewing your options and taking these factors into consideration, choosing a good breakdown cover based on your requirements is easy. You will end up with the best policy for your money at the end of your search.