How Rugby Pitches are Maintained in Good Condition

How Rugby Pitches are Maintained in Good ConditionIt’s hard to miss a beat when you’re watching a rugby game and it’s not always thanks to the play by play. The field on which a rugby game is played is maintained in such a way that will make every move visible to help coaches, officials, referees, and audiences really see what’s going on out on the pitch. That said, it’s important that a rugby pitch is maintained at the highest level and standards.

But what exactly do teams do to keep their grass carpets looking clean, green, and pristine? Find out what it takes to maintain a rugby pitch and understand what you can do at home to get the same lush look for your garden.

How Rugby Pitches are Maintained

1. Ground is Kept Drained

Contrary to popular belief, wet ground might not always be the best way to keep your garden and grass healthy and pleasant. Wet ground can often become the cause of infections and pest infestations that could do your garden more harm than good and the same idea applies to rugby pitches. Maintenance crews that care for rugby pitches often put great care and concern into the moisture of the ground underneath the grass. It is imperative that the ground is kept within certain parameters of dryness to ensure the health and propagation of the grass.

2. Grass is Systematically Mowed

You’re unlikely to find a rugby pitch maintenance team that doesn’t put some sort of pattern into their grass trimming process. Based on an article at BestMower.Reviews, Grass needs to be mowed in a systematic pattern to ensure that it grows properly and neatly so that the next mowing session won’t be too hard to perform. There are also specific measurements they observe when it comes to the height of the grass. This depends on the weather conditions of the area, but as a general rule, if the weather is colder, grass is left taller.

3. All Fertilizers are Organic

Everything that is used on rugby pitches from the fertilizer to the markers are all organic and safe to use on plants and grass. This is to ensure that the grass stays healthy and free from any sort of chemicals. It’s important that you use the same organic and natural principle when treating your own yard so that you don’t suffer from dying plants and that you won’t foster a dangerous outdoor for your family and loved ones.

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